Luis Raul Ventura Tzoc
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My name is Luis Raul Ventura Tzoc. I'm a 13-year-old boy.

My birthday is
July 15, 2006.
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Dueñas, where your child lives, is a small farming village located at the foot of one of Guatemala's active volcanoes, Fuego (Fire).  The fertile ground around the village allows for the cultivation of roses and coffee, two of Guatemala's largest exports.  Most of the families in this area live in one or two room wooden or adobe houses with tin roofs.  Electricity is available to those who can afford it.  Running water is available - however, most homes do not have indoor plumbing.  Life in Dueñas is quiet.

Hello! My name is Luis Raul Ventura Tzoc. I am so excited to share a little about my family and me. I am living with my parents in San Sebastian farm. Thank God we are healthy. I was born on July 15th, 2006 and I am 12 years old. I like to attend the feeding program here in Dueñas, and I visit the doctor when I get sick, and the doctor gives me medicines if I need it and vitamins. This year I was in fifth grade and in my free time, I like to play ball. I have not repeated any grade.  I am doing my best to pass my grades with good scores. My dream when I grow up is to be a professional football player and especially a goal keeper because I love to play football, and my favorite team is FC Barcelona. I love singing and dancing in my free time. Other times I play and share good time with my friends. My favorite colors are red and blue. My favorite animal is the cat. I have a little puppy names Calceta, and my favorite food is chicken.

My father’s name is Santiago Ventura Rales, and he works as a farmer, but he only works during the harvest season on the farm. My mother’s name is Micaela Tzoc Ventura. When my father is not working, my mother takes care of our living costs by working as a farmer on the farm called San Sebastian, and she fertilizes the macadamia plantations and picks the macadamia seeds. Fortunately, I do not work because my parents did not want me to. I only stay busy with my school stuff. For that reason, they are working hard to pay for my schooling. We live on this farm and fortunately, we don’t have to pay rent to live there. The house is made of tin sheets and dirt floors. It has one room and one kitchen with water and electricity that we get from our neighbors. I tell you my grandfather passed away several years ago. It was really sad for me, but fortunately, God helped me to remember him with much love. A special time for me is when it is somebody’s birthday because we eat cake and drink soda. Also, we have a meeting with our relatives for Christmas, and we share time all together at home. We attend Catholic Church, and I want to ask for your prayers for my father because he does not attend with us. When we have some problem at home, my parents try to talk to resolve it in the best way. I want to ask for your prayers for my family and our that Lord provides us the necessities at home. I hope you like my letter, and I would like to hear from you soon. May God bless you in everything you do!

Kisses and hugs

Luis Raul Ventura Tzoc

Translated by: Violeta Hernandez / AAC Secretary /Antigua