Nazario Eliseo Chitic Mendez
Ref# PA1752

About Me
My name is Nazario Eliseo Chitic Mendez. I'm 8 years old.

My birthday is
September 18, 2011.
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My Story

Hello! I feel so happy to greet you through this letter. I want to thank you for supporting me through the feeding program because I receive a delicious meal and it is a great blessing for my family and me. My father works as a farmer and he also goes to pick coffee beans at the coast to cover our home expenses. My mother does the household chores. She prepares our food and takes care of her hens. Sometimes, all my family goes to pick coffee beans at the coast during school vacation. One of my sisters is in the 3rd grade at school and she is learning to read. My brother Manuel Enrique is five years old and he is not attending school yet. My younger sister is three years old. I enjoy sharing time with my siblings. In the afternoon, we play soccer and we play tag and we imagine a dog runs after us. I am in the 1st grade at school. I like to study and I like to copy the small histories of my books.

Thank God, we all are in good health. When we go to the coast I help my father to pick coffee beans, but I do not receive a payment because I only help my father with his job. At home, I help my mother to gather firewood for our food. We do not have the custom to celebrate our birthdays because my parents do not have enough money, but we feel happy because they congratulate us. For Christmas, we prepare ¨tamales¨ (typical dish) and drink coffee but if my father does not have enough money, we prepare beef broth and drink a refreshment. My desire is to become a doctor and find a stable job. I would like to travel to the United States. We attend Full Gospel Church. When I grow up, I would like to play the piano. When we go through difficult times, we pray to God and fast so that God helps us. I ask for your prayers for the health of my family especially for my grandfather because he is an older man. May God take care of you wherever you are! I say goodbye to you for now with much love.  

Hugs and Kisses,

Nazario Eliseo Chitic Mendez

A-A-C Note: One of the evangelism teachers helped him to write you this letter because he cannot write well yet.

Translated by: Esther Hernandez/AAC Secretary/Antigua