Enedjo Pura
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My name is Enedjo Pura. I'm a 18-year-old boy.

My birthday is
February 8, 2001.
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My Story

Enedjo is doing well and in good health. He is attending the third grade high school in Rodokal. At the end of this school year, he will complete a few exams and afterwards he will get graduated. At departure, his class will organize a premature party which is a very important event for all of them. During his free time he is helping his father and is working in construction together with him whenever his father is hired. Enedjo spends his free time playing football with his friends. Enedjo comes to our feeding programme centre at Rodokal together with his friends after he returns from school. On Mondays he enjoys the meal containing pasta and sausages and on Thursdays rice and fried chicken. During the meal he also takes a fruit. Enedjo attends the discipleship classes and there he receives the Bible lesson of the day from our teachers. In these classes the teachers teach using a Bible study book dedicated to them. After the lessons, the children who attend the Bible classes play football for a while at the feeding centre. Once a year, Enedjo has the possibility to be seen by our dentist and get a free dental care.  

Enedjo’s family of six persons live in two rooms in a new home offering appropriated living conditions.  His grandmother and uncle live in this home too. Enedjo has an older brother who is also part of this family. During this year, he has emigrated in Greece and is hired there to cultivate tobacco. A part of what he earns is given to this family. Enedjo’s father is working in construction for the people who have hired him. With what he earns out of his hard work he keeps providing for the family. Enedjo’s uncle has mental problems and needs a special care from all the persons of this family. His mother (Enedjo’s grandmother) cares for him. He receives a special pension which is used to cover both of their needs. The grandmother receives a small pension too, but what she gets is too less to support her own living expenses. The family owns some land in which they have planted corn which they sell to the people in the village who own animals. They use corn as stock food for the animals. The welfare of the family is poor, even that the father somehow manages to cover the basic needs through his hard work. We deliver some portions of food to this family for Enedjo’s uncle and the rest of them as special care. The team visited the family to receive this information. They were welcomed by both parents of Enedjo. They have previously heard the presentation of the gospel and during this time, the team read to them a few Bible verses to encourage them to believe in Jesus and come to our church services.