Efrain Eduardo Morente Ajqui
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My name is Efrain Eduardo Morente Ajqui. I'm a 12-year-old.

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January 2, 2012.
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My Story

First, thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter. My name is Efrain Eduardo, and I hope you are doing well. I attend the Catholic Church in my town. My family and I usually attend it on Tuesdays. The one who covers all the expenses and needs at home is my father. His name is Jacinto Morente Garcia, and he is 40 years old. He makes a living as a farmer and day laborer. His jobs are unstable because he only works a few days a week. Besides working for other people, he grows corn for our consumption. My mom is a very busy housewife who raises hens to sell. Her name is Gregoria Ajqui Tzoy, and she is 38 years old. Thankfully, we are all doing well. We need clothes, groceries, and hygiene supplies like soap. We are grateful to you for blessing us through LW. I get excited when I have tasty lunches at the feeding program. Unfortunately, my mom cannot prepare them because of a lack of money.

I am 11 years old, and I am in second grade again. I have had trouble learning the lessons alone, so I prefer to attend school. Because of our limited economy, my father has had trouble buying my school supplies. Therefore, I would love to count on your prayers for my family and me. Christmas is my favorite holiday because I love seeing colorful fireworks at midnight. I like drinking soft drinks, and my favorite sport is soccer. My native language is the Kiche dialect. I would love to speak Spanish someday. I will have my birthday in January. Unfortunately, I will not be able to celebrate it because my parents do not have the resources to do it. To tell you about my life, my mom helped me to give all this information to a teacher of LW. I say goodbye to you now, but I hope to hear from you someday.

Cordiality yours,

Efrain Eduardo Morente Ajqui

Translated by: Hillary Popol/AAC Secretary/Antigua Guatemala