Bjanka Rusi
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My name is Bjanka Rusi. I'm a 9-year-old.

My birthday is
November 24, 2012.
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Hello! My name is Bjanka Rusi. I am an 8 years old girl and my birthday is on November 24th. I am doing well and enjoy good health. My favorite color is pink and my future dream is to study and be a doctor. At present I attend the third grade at school and enjoy learning. My favorite subject that I enjoy to study the most at school is Math. Because of the Pandemic, we are wearing masks and keep the distance, but we are happy that we are not in lockdown and can take the lessons in our class. It was quite a challenge to take the lessons online. I return from school at midday. I like to get together with my friends to play outside for a short while in front of our house. We play in the roads and our games we pick are simple as running races, playing with ball or jump with ropes. I like to ride bicycles together with my friends who own one when the weather is nice and sunny. I prefer to study during the evenings in our living room as that is the only warm room in our house.

My family and I live in Bucimas, not too far from Pogradec. My father’s name is Kreshnik and my mother’s name is Anxhela. My father is working as a Plummer and does hydraulic jobs for the people who hire him in their homes as well as when he gets hired by a construction company. He is not hired full time and when he is not working we face hardships financially and our needs are not totally met. My mother has a full time job and she works in a groceries market. She gets the lowest pay but thankfully she is working and has a job.  

 About our activities: The Living Water Adopt a Child started to register the children in the new programme of Pogradec. The children who are part of the program frequent the Bible classes on Saturdays. The church in Pogradec has besides the Saturday service a Bible study for the ladies on Thursdays. Our church is growing in numbers and we are planning to open a second Bible study for the ladies as well as a Bible class dedicated to teens and youth. All the children who are part of the programme are benefiting help spiritually and physically. Every month they receive a package that contains groceries that are so needed, especially during the pandemic we are going through. Thank you for carrying for the children who are in the most need to be feed physically and eager to receive Bible lessons. God bless you!

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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