Roxhensa Hamzallari
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My name is Roxhensa Hamzallari. I'm a 15-year-old.

My birthday is
February 6, 2007.
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Upper Mokra

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Hello! My name is Roxhensa Hamzallari. I am a 14 year old girl and my birthday is on February 6th. I am doing well and enjoy good health. My favorite color is red and my future dream is to be a architect. Every time I get a pencil on my hand I like to draw objects. I attend the 9th grade at school and am doing well with the lessons. Because of the pandemic, we are wearing masks and respect the distancing while we are in our class. My favorite subject I like to study the most at school is Math, but I have received the best marks in all the subjects we take in our class. After school I return to work together with my parents in our coffee bar. In the coffee bar we also sell groceries so my mother and I work together there all day long. The Living Water has rented our bar to gather for the Bible study meetings and to do all the activities that they do for our village. I am constantly there and have never missed the Bible study meetings for one day. I am part of the singing group when the team there is leading worship. I attend the program regularly as the team comes two days during the week to do Bible studies dedicated to the children and to the adults.

My family and I live in Kalivac. My father’s name is Genci and my mother’s name is Sheqere.  I have two older sisters. My father has a shop in a town of Pogradec and he sells collected furniture. One of my older sisters is working in Tirana and the other one is attending the University. Kalivac is located in Upper Mokra and far from the town. The infrastructure is lacing and all the people who live in this area are challenged in many ways to supply their living needs. Most of the people in the village own land and they deal with agriculture. Usually they plant wheat, corn and vegetables. In a portion of their land, they also plant greens that serve as stock food for the animals such as oat, alfalfa, etc. Raising animals is common in this village as by carrying for them they benefit milk, butter, cheese, etc. Not all of the people but the majority of them will keep a horse, or a donkey, being used to transport the products from the fields to their homes. The people who live in the villages are considered as self employed because they own land but what they benefit is way to less to cover their living needs and in order to reduce the poverty, the government is also treating most of the families with an amount considered as social assistance. This is a very symbolic amount, but at soar times needed for them. During the autumn, the ladies preserve in a few jars tomatoes and peppers so that they can be consumed during winter. Around the land and garden the families have got a few fruits trees as whole nuts, plums, apples and the ladies fill a few vases with compost and jam out of these fruits. The religious background in the village is Muslim, but they are being open to hear the Good News frequenting the Bible studies.

The Living Water International team goes to Kalivac on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. There we have rented a hall to do our Bible classes for the children as well as a Bible study for the ladies. The children in Kalivac who are registered in the sponsorship programme of Adopt a child come together with their parents in these meetings. Once every six weeks, each child receives a food package that contains groceries as pasta, rice, oil, sugar and other food items. We are thankful to the Lord for each of the sponsors who bless the children to be feed physically and spiritually. God bless you all!

Translated by Bruno Kondi

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