Derik Emanuel Morales Popol
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About Me
My name is Derik Emanuel Morales Popol. I'm 10 years old.

My birthday is
April 6, 2009.
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My Story

Hello dearest sponsor!  I greet you with much love hoping that you and your family are well.  I want to tell you that I live with my parents and my two siblings.  My father works as a farmer on his own land.  He grows coffee and avocadoes to sell.  My mother does not work, but she takes care of us, cleans our home and makes our food.  My siblings are dedicated to studying.  Thanks to God, everyone in our house is in good health.  My mother brings me to Dr. Patty here at the feeding program when she has time so that I can have a checkup and receive my vitamins.  I am repeating the 3rd grade this year and my favorite class is Artistic Expression because I like to make crafts, to draw and to paint.  The things that I like to draw the most are houses, airplanes and cars.  I do not work because I am still small.  I remember that last year my father took me to Guatemala City to walk around in a big mall called Tikal Futura.  He bought me candies and we went up the escalators.  My family has the custom to celebrate our birthdays.  They buy us a cake and a pinata and my aunts and uncles give us gifts. 

My mother made me fried fish because it is my favorite food.  For Christmas last year, my mother made tamales and ponche (typical food and hot fruit drink) to share with our family.  My siblings and I lit fireworks.  When I grow up, I want to be a police officer so that I can help other people and I would like to capture thieves so that they do not rob the people.  In my free time, I do my homework, watch television and play with my little brother.  We play hide-and-seek and we make faces with cloths and we eat snacks.  I like to play soccer with my cousins in the street.  The street where I live is very safe.  My family and I go to a Catholic church on Sundays and I like to go and learn about God.  I want to ask for your prayers for my studies so that this year, I can pass my grade and can go to 4th grade.  Another dream that I have is to be a firefighter in order to help the people and carry them to the hospital.  I say goodbye to you with much love.  God bless you. 

Blessings and much love,

Derik Emanuel Morales Popol

Translated by: Edwina Lyons/AAC Missionary