Gender Female
Birth Date Nov 26, 1939
Age 79 years old
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Hello, my name is Facunda Garcia Medio. 

I am a single mother/grandmother.  I am 79 years old.  I live alone in a community in Guatemala called Duenas.  I actually attend the Liberty Church in Jocotenango, but I go to the monthly devotional/dinner at the Liberty Church campus in Duenas once a month. I walk about 30 minutes from my house to the campus in Duenas.  I was born in Duenas in 1939.  I am a widow.  My husband passed away about 15 years ago.  I have a total of 8 children; three sons and 5 daughters.  Each of them has their own family to provide for.  I do not own the house in which I live, but blessedly, I do not have to pay rent either.   I live in a house located on a coffee farm called San Sebastian.  I am allowed to live in the house because my husband worked for this farm for many years before he passed away.  Thankfully, I will be allowed to live in the house until I die.  The house has only one room.  It is made of wood with a tin roof and dirt floor.  I do not have a kitchen.  I have a small area outside my house that does not have walls but is covered with a piece of tin where I cook on a small wood burning stove.  I have running water and electricity. 

I do not have a formal job.  I receive a small pension of Q200 each month (a little less than $30). To earn additional money for my expenses, I raise and sell flowers and small plants.  I also love to raise chickens and ducks.  I have some space in which I raise them and when they are grown I sell them to earn money.   I am not in the best of health.  I have diabetes, and I am under medical treatment for this.  I also suffer from pain in my legs from my knees down.  This is possibly from a small stroke that I had about 5 years ago.  I have also had two surgical procedures on my head in the past.   In spite of my health issues, I continue to have faith in the Lord that He will take care of me.  My most immediate needs are for my vitamins that I take each day, for juices to drink and for some food.  I could also use some more chickens to raise and sell to help with my expenses.

Love and blessings,

Facunda Garcia Medio

Translated by: Edwina Lyons/AAC Missionary


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