Leonza Cristina De Leon Garcia
Ref# PA1372

About Me
My name is Leonza Cristina De Leon Garcia. I'm 12 years old.

My birthday is
July 22, 2007.
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Pasojoc III

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My Story

Hello! How are you? Thank God, my family and I are in good health. My father works in a grocery store in Guatemala City. My mother does the household chores and she raises some hens. I have two brothers and two sisters. My brother Geovany works with my father. My other brother is Jose and he helps at home. My sister Maribel is six years old and my other sister is three years old. This year, I was in 3rd grade but it was a little difficult for me to learn how to write well. My favorite subject was mathematics. I liked to play soccer with my friends. Sometimes, my parents take us to pick coffee beans at the coast for three months. At home, I tend sheep and I help my mother with the chores at home. I also take care of my younger sister. I did my homework at night.

I like Christmas time because we light firecrackers at midnight, and my mother prepares ¨tamales and ponche¨ (typical dish and hot fruit drink) for a special lunch. My desire is to continue with my studies and become a teacher. In my free time, I like to play with my siblings. At the moment, we do not attend a church. When we have some difficult situation, we pray to God. I ask for your prayers for my family so that we can attend a church soon. Thank you for supporting me through the feeding program because I can receive delicious food and medical attention. May God bless you richly!

Hugs and Kisses,

Leonza Cristina De Leon Garcia

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