Felipe & Paula Cruz / Jimon
Ref# WCH0001 (Grandparents)

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My name is Felipe & Paula Cruz / Jimon and I'm a 82-year-old boy.

My birthday is
February 14, 1937.
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My Story

Hello, my name is Felipe Cruz, and this is my wife, Paola.  I am 82 years old and my wife is 79.  We live in a community called Chixocol.  It is located in the mountain area of Quiche, Guatemala.  I was born on February 14, 1937 in Zacualpa, Guatemala.  My wife and I have three adult children: one son and two daughters.  One of our daughters and two grandchildren live with us.  She is a single mother and does not work, but she helps to take care of my wife.  Our grandchildren work attending games for the local fairs.  I am in good health, but because of her age, my wife suffers from a lot of pain in her body and has difficulty walking.  She uses a small stool as a walker to help her get from place to place.  She has problems with her nerves and her legs and is currently suffering with swelling of both her ankles. 

I work as a farmer.  I raise corn for our own personal use and I also raise turkeys and chickens.  In addition to that, I work as day laborer doing all types of jobs for other people when I can find work.  I receive Q30-Q40 a day depending on what I do. ($4 to $5).  We own the house in which we live.  It is one small room.  However, we are building another house.  My grandson is living and working in The United States.  He has been sending money for us to build a new house.  The new house has five rooms and a separate kitchen.  It is made of adobe and will have a tin sheet roof with a dirt floor.  We currently have running water and electricity.  My daughter and grandchildren pay for these services.

I attend the Liberty Church in Chixocol, and I have to walk about thirty minutes to get to the church and to the feeding program located next to the church.  Despite of my age, I am still very healthy. I am grateful to God for this and for blessing me with many years of life

Love and blessings,

Felipe Cruz and Paula Jimon

Translated by: Edwina Lyons/AAC Guatemala