Gender Male
Birth Date Dec 03, 2008
Age 10 years old
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Orest is in good health. He is at present ten years old. His favorite game to play is football. When he grows up he wants to be a mechanic and fix cars. His favorite color is Green. Orest attends the fourth grade at school. He likes studying Math and Language. Orest is at school from morning till midday and after finishing school he comes at our feeding programme centre with his class friends.

Orest attends twice a week the feeding program at our centre in Katjel. On Tuesdays he enjoys the warm meal containing pasta and sausages and on Fridays fried chickens and rice. Usually during the meals the children also take a fruit. After the meal Orest attends the Bible classes and there he receives the Bible lesson of the day from our teachers. After the lessons, Orest and the other children play different games at the feeding centre under the care of our teachers.

The households in Katjel are farmers and care to raise animals. They are not able to make the living out of their hard work in the fields, as they gain very less products. They usually keep a cow or a few goats and what they profit out of the animals is used for consumption in the family. The poverty in this area is big and their needs are many. The mother does most of the work in the lands during the year but the father is challenged to provide for the family through emigration as the only source of income. He works in Greece or Macedonia for six months every year and the income he gets is used to provide the basic living needs of the family. Orest is the only child in his family.

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