Jennifer Aileen Perez Santiago
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About Me
My name is Jennifer Aileen Perez Santiago. I'm 12 years old.

My birthday is
August 9, 2007.
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Nueva Esperanza

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My Story

Hello dearest sponsor!  I say hello to you hoping that you are doing well.  I live with my parents and my siblings, and thank God, we are all doing well.  My father works as a plumber to provide for us.  One of my siblings goes to school and the other one is still small and stays at home.  I do not work.  I am studying in the 6th grade.  A happy moment for me was when my little sister was born.  A sad time for me was when my little dog got run over.  We have family get togethers for birthdays and for Christmas.  We have the custom to eat pizza, cake, nachos with cheese, tamales and ponche (hot fruit drink).  We have been to the zoo, the theatre, the movies and the beach.  Those have been some good times with my family and friends that I will never forget.  My goal is to continue studying to become a professional person one day. 

My dream is to have my own business, and my desire is to help other people.  I like to play and talk with my classmates, and I like to play and joke around with my siblings.  My mother, siblings and I go to a church called “The Light of the World”.  I like to go to church and listen to the Word of God and the praise songs.  When my family has difficult moments, we talk about things and we ask God for help.  Sometimes, we get a response and other times, we have to wait for His Will.  I ask you to pray for my family and that my father will always have a job.  I say goodbye to you with a big hug and kiss.  God bless you!

Blessings and much love,

Jennifer Aileen Perez Santiago

Translated by: Edwina Lyons/AAC Missionary