Naydelin Zulema Garcia Barreno
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My name is Naydelin Zulema Garcia Barreno. I'm a 6-year-old girl.

My birthday is
February 25, 2013.
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Nueva Esperanza

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NE 2391

Zona 5, where your child lives, is located in a slum area of Guatemala City.  An extremely poor area, our program is squeezed in among the shanty dwellings built over an old city dump. Many houses in this area are without toilets or running water and are assembled with scrap wood, sheet metal, and cardboard.  Zone 5, is considered one of the most dangerous areas of Guatemala City. It is controlled by gangs and drug pushers.  Robberies and murders are common in this area.  Public education is available - however, many cannot afford it.  Life in Zone 5 is very difficult. This child lives on top of an old rubbish dump in Zone 5 of Guatemala City.

Hello! My name is Naydelin Zulema Garcia Barreno. I attend the Zone 5 feeding program. I was born on February 25, 2013. I am five years old and I am in good health. I am in Pre-K. In my free time, I like to play with dolls, draw and play hide-and-seek. My favorite color is purple. My favorite animal is a dog. I love to eat chicken. I have four brothers and three sisters. My mother´s name is Maria Teresa. She works by selling candies from home. My father, Sergio Alonzo, passed away this past May. My mother is worried about my family because my father made most of the money to cover our expenses. My older sister is working as a waitress to help the family, but she does not make much money. Her name is Maria Yolanda. One of my brothers passed away seven years ago as well. My mother is very affected by our situation. She is worried about feeding us. My brother Jorge went to work far away from home. We are all sad about this situation. My family does not attend any church yet. We live in a two-room home that is made of concrete block. The roof is made of tin sheet. The floor is made of granite. We have running water and electricity. I share a bed with my sister. The kitchen is in a separate area.

With much love and many blessings,
   Naydelin Zulema Garcia Barreno

Translated by Stephen Macoy, Living Water Missionary