Josue Arturo Ordonez Cachupe
Ref# DU2091

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My name is Josue Arturo Ordonez Cachupe. I'm a 18-year-old.

My birthday is
September 4, 2004.
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My Story

Hello! I hope that you and your family are blessed and healthy. My name is Josue Arturo Ordonez Cachupe. I am seventeen years old. I have five siblings. I have a mother that lives with me. My mother stays at home and works hard to take care of us. My father does not live with us, but he helps us economically a little bit. He is a pastor. To spend time with my family, we eat dinner together and talk about our days. For Christmas, we ate tamales as a family and set off fireworks. I live in a humble home in Duenas. My house is located about a 10-minute bike ride from the feeding program. The house is owned by my family. There are four rooms and a separate kitchen. The house is made of block, the roof is made of concrete, and the floor is made of ceramic. Thankfully, we have running water and electricity. The house is in good condition. As for my health and the health of my family, thank God we are all healthy. As for our financial situation, during the pandemic, it was difficult since jobs were lost. But we are stabilized now with jobs. I am not in school this year. Since I do not go to school, I am working at a nursery plant and with the money I earn I help my family. I do not attend a church yet. I miss the fun activities and the food from the feeding center. Our biggest need right now is economic. Thank you for reading my story. May God bless you! I say goodbye to you for now with much love. The evangelism team is seeing families by appointment. They spoke to me (child enrolled) to receive this information.Hugs and kisses,

Josue Arturo Ordonez Cachupe

Translated by: Kalyan Marroquin / Missionary Intern