Fabjon Durbaku
Ref# RD0639

About Me
My name is Fabjon Durbaku. I'm a 16-year-old boy.

My birthday is
February 13, 2003.
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My Story

The team visited the family of Fabjon to receive the update information for him and present the gospel to the family. The team presented the full gospel to her, but at the end, she didn’t decide to do the prayer of Salvation. The presentation was unsuccessful during this visit. Fabjon is doing well and in good health. He completed eighth grade at school with good marks in the subject they take there. He seems to like school and studying. As most of the boys in his free time, he loves to play football with his friends. During the summer he is a helpful part in his family, working in the vegetable garden together with his mother. Fabjon attends regularly twice a week, every Monday and Thursday our feeding program in Rodokal, enjoying the combined meals cooked and served to the participating children. Our menu is sausages, pasta, cooked rice or hamburger rolls filled with cheese, sausages and vegetables. After the meal, the children enjoy a fruit. He attends the discipleship classes for the children who are same age with him. At the end of the Bible lesson, he becomes part sport activities such as football organized by our evangelism team of teachers. Once a year he has the possibility to get his teeth cheeked and fixed from the dentist of our ministry at our dental clinic. There are four persons containing Fabjon’s family who live in three rooms in an old village home. He has an older brother who is also in our program. His name is Arsen. He attends the second grade high school.

Fabjon’s father is working over in Greece doing different construction jobs. He is most of the time away from the family. What he earns from the job there is the only income to have his family provided as far as food and clothes. The family receives a small amount as assistance from the government which they use to cover their immediate needs. Same as most of the people who live in the village, they own a portion of land in which they have planted this year corn to be used as stock food for the animals. They have a cow and through it they have at least some products for their own consumption. The wellbeing of the family is good compared to others who live in the villages, due to the father working in emigration, but they still face hardships of any kind, living in a rural area, far away to reach to the town.