Klodi Facja
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My name is Klodi Facja. I'm 16 years old.

My birthday is
June 1, 2004.
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My Story

Hello! My name is Klodi Facja. I am a 16 years old girl and my birthday is on June 1st. I am doing well and in good health. I completed the first grade of high school. I take the lessons at the school of Rrajca, this is the closed village to Urake, where I live, I am doing well with the lessons and am trying my best to earn good grades. My dream is to study at the university and be a doctor. At present the schools are closed for the summer break till September and I am using this time to mainly help my family. I do the cooking at home while my parents work in the fields or care for our cow. Summers are busy for us who live in the village because during this month we have the harvesting time. During the afternoons or mornings I get together with my friends who live near my home and we all enjoy our time chatting or in rear cases playing volleyball. My father’s name is Xhevdet and my mother’s name is Lirie I have an older sister whose name is Xhuliana. My grandfather passed away during the past months and we were all in a mourning time for a while. Losing a loved person for me was hard to coup with, but life has these too. Our home in Urake is old. We have five rooms that don’t offer appropriated living conditions. My father is working in construction when he is hired from the people in the village or in the nearest town. He works hard and is able to provide for us what we need the most for the living. We also have a portion of land and my parents this year same as every other year have planted wheat, alfalfa and a vegetable garden. My parents provide the flour, beans anions, tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables. My mother is doing the gardening and at times I also help her watering the vegetables. The stock food for the cow gets provided through the land and that’s why my family plants alfalfa or corn. Keeping a cow we benefit a few litters of milk and other products that we consume daily. Once a year, my father sells the calf and earns a bit more of income. My mother takes the cow out in the fields for a few hours each day to be feed. Around our land and home we have got also a few fruit trees as apples, nuts and plums. My parents gather these fruits and my mother makes jam and composts. My father boils plums and makes an alcoholic brand we use in Albania to serve to guests. The team has visited me in my home to deliver the food package belonging to me. Usually I frequent the program but we are not yet allowed to gather because of the pandemic rules. I am thankful to those who have provided the food package to me during this time of need we are facing because of lockdown.