Ergis Durbaku
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About Me
My name is Ergis Durbaku. I'm 17 years old.

My birthday is
November 22, 2002.
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My Story

Ergis is at present sixteen years old. He is in good health. Ergis attends the second grade at high school in Perrenjas. This small town is not too far from Katjel, but Ergis needs to walk for about forty five minutes to reach there. This means he needs to get out of home very early in the mornings. At times he catches the minibuses of the village which are used as transportation. Ergis finishes school and returns at home at around two o’clock therefore not all the time he has the possibility to frequent our programme regularly. He tries his best to attend even though. Ergis has got other friends who are taking their school in this town so they gather in groups when they walk in the mornings or during the afternoons. Ergis spends a while meeting his friends during the afternoons whenever he finds free time. They enjoy playing football whenever they have the possibility to gather. They also like to have a short walk around and probably get to the village centre. Every afternoon he is also helping his family. Ergis studies for the next day of school during the evening hours.   Ergis attends twice a week the feeding program at our centre in Katjel. On Tuesdays he enjoys the warm meal containing pasta and sausages and on Thursdays fried chickens and rice. Usually during the meals fruits are offered. The meals are cooked in our base and transported to the villages. After the meal Ergis attends the Bible classes and there he receives the Bible lesson of the day from our teachers. After the lessons, Ergis and the other children spend a while playing at our feeding centre under the care of the staff of teachers. In warm days they have already started to play football. A free dental care is offered to him at our dental clinic in Kotodesh.

The family of Ergis contains four persons. He has his father, mother and an older brother. This home has three rooms offering appropriated living conditions to all of them. The family owns land same as all who live in Katjel, but during this year they have not planted anything on it just yet. The mother during spring will planted a vegetable garden for them to have fresh vegetable to consume, such as tomatoes, beans, onions, peppers, etc. The father is emigrating in Greece and works there for six months each year. He is hired here and there and is doing all sorts of jobs offered to him in agriculture or construction and what is profited by his work there is a good amount to provide the living costs to the members of his family. The father owns a car in order to provide his transportation when he goes to Greece or uses it to drive to the nearest town. The father due to emigration employment is providing a constant income to the family and the welfare seems to be well. He is able to provide what is needed the most, but not for the whole year through. The team visited this family in order to receive this information and present the gospel. The mother welcomed the team but she showed no interest to hear about God.