Irma Angelica Chingo Garcia
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My name is Irma Angelica Chingo Garcia. I'm a 15-year-old.

My birthday is
November 17, 2006.
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Cuatro Caminos

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My Story

It is a pleasure to be able to greet you from Guatemala through this letter. My name is Irma Angelica Chingo Garcia, and I am 14 years old. This year, I am in fourth grade. On Wednesday, I receive my classes in person, and the rest of week, I study at home. I submit my homework every eight days. This method has been difficult although I have study guides and books to enforce my learning. I sometimes do not understand how to do my homework. My stepfather makes an effort to help my mother with our expenses. He works as a day laborer and travels very often to the coast to work. My mother stays at home taking care of us and our home. She raises domestic animals to sell and earn a little money.

The arrival of the pandemic affected our economic situation because my stepfather no longer traveled to the coast due to the restrictions, but thank God, we go ahead. He is now working as normal. God has provided groceries for our family through Living Water and the school which have been a great blessing and helped to my parents to save a little money. Thanks to these, we never ran out of anything.  Sometimes, we only had a little, but we had everything we needed. God has taken care of our family and none of our loved ones have caught the virus. We are members of a Christian Church and we take the time to attend the service on Wednesdays. I provided this information by phone because the Feeding program continues to be closed, and LW leaders made the decision to contact the families by phone in order to help prevent the spread of the pandemic. Thank you so much for the effort that you have done to continue helping the families during this hard time that we are living in.

Many blessings,

Irma Angelica Chingo Garcia

Translated by AAC Secretary/Lucia Gravez