Elida Nohemi Orozco Orozco
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My name is Elida Nohemi Orozco Orozco. I'm a 8-year-old girl.

My birthday is
October 9, 2010.
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My Story

Dear Sponsor,

Hello! I fondly greet you and I pray God blesses you. I want to tell you that I live with my mother, father and sister who is six years old. My father earns a living by driving a bicycle taxi in the town. He waits at the gas station where the public buses arrive, and he takes people to other destinations. He works from Monday to Sunday, but he sometimes does not earn much money because there are many bicycle taxi drivers. This situation is very hard for us because we have to pay the rent every month and can only buy the necessities. I am grateful to God for the feeding program because we can eat a delicious dish twice a week; I really like the feeding program’s dishes. Currently, my mother works in the town’s market. She sells stockings and gloves for a woman and she receives a payment according to the day’s sales. She sometimes does not sell much so she only receives a small payment.  I realize it when this happens because my mother gets sad. She works from Monday to Sunday. My little sister is learning to write and read at the town’s library and I dedicate my time to studying.

I am a little sad because my father is having a problem with his uric acid. The town’s municipality has clinics and my father visited the doctor who prescribed him a medical treatment. He told us that this treatment had not worked. He sometimes feels so bad and needs to rest, but he does not want to because he says that he has to earn money for our needs. I want to ask you to pray for him so that God does a miracle for him. My mother, sister and I pray for my father because we believe a lot in the power of prayer because we know that God hears us through it. My mother is suffering from arthritis and she has visited the doctor too. She received a medical treatment and she says she is feeling better. Thank God, my sister and I are in good health. My mother takes me to LW clinic so that Dr. Patty gives me medicine and vitamins. I am in second grade this year and I am not repeating the grade. My favorite subject is artistic expression because I love to draw and color. I also like mathematics classes because I learn to add and subtract. We have not gone on day trips due to our low resources, but we try to spend time together as a family on Sunday.

My favorite date of the year is my birthday because my parents do their best to buy me something. When I turned eight years old, my parents bought me a piece of cake and my mother prepared my favorite food which is “pepian” (typical dish prepared with meat, tomato, onion, coriander, and other spices). I want to become a teacher in the future because I like to share with other children. I also want to earn a lot of money in order to give my parents a better lifestyle. I have the talent to sing praises and sometimes I have had the privilege to do it at my church.  My parents have always supported me. I like to sing because my parents also do it, and someday, I would like to record a disc. I like to sing Pentecostal praises. In my free time, I do my homework and play with my sister.  I also accompany my mother to sell in the market. My family and I attend Voice of the Lamb Church and we usually go there three times a week. What I like to do most is to sing praises to our Lord. I say goodbye to you for now. May God bless you and takes care of you!

With much love

Elida Nohemi Orozco Orozco

Translated by: Loyda de Osorio/AAC Secretary