Endra Qosja
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My name is Endra Qosja. I'm a 6-year-old.

My birthday is
February 26, 2017.
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Hello! My name is Endra Qose. I am 6 years old and my birthday is on February 26th. I am doing well and in good health. My favorite color is purple and my future dream is to become doctor. I frequent the preschool kindergarten for the first part of the day. I have many friends at the kindergarten and while we frequent, we learn to read, write, count. I will start the first grade at school on September and preschool kindergarten is a good start for me to learn to read and write. I return in the house at midday and as soon as I eat lunch, I meet to play with my friends that live near my house. We play in the road for a few hours, but we also play inside in the stairs of the flat and we take with us our dolls to play with. I help my mother when she cleans the house and when she goes to do shopping I like to go along with her to buy candies and gum. I spend the rest of the day inside the house, playing with dolls, coloring and watching cartoons. Once in a while, my parents take me for walks and we go to the park of the town to get fresh air and I enjoy playing there for a few hours. I live in Elbasan and have in my family my father, mother and one brother who is 13 years old at present. He goes to school and loves to play soccer. My parents are both jobless and we are living with very low income and face poverty. My father is working as hired, in daily bases, doing different jobs as offered in construction or other jobs elsewhere, but he is not working full time and he is almost unable to provide for our needs. My mother is staying at the house and deals with cleaning, cooking, shopping, etc. Our family receives a small amount as social assistance from the government. This small amount is used to basically pay our bills of electricity or water. I frequent the program of Elbasan together with my brother. We both are registered in the sponsorship program of Adopt a Child and while we frequent the church services, we receive food packages every six weeks. My sister and I go to the Bible classes where we are learning about the Lord Jesus from the teachers of the program. Thank you for your generous support to me and God bless you!

Translated by Martin Rucolli

LW/Adopt a Child Albania