Elida Priscila Lopez Perez
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My name is Elida Priscila Lopez Perez. I'm a 11-year-old.

My birthday is
September 21, 2010.
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Dueñas, where your child lives, is a small farming village located at the foot of one of Guatemala's active volcanoes, Fuego (Fire). The fertile ground around the village allows for the cultivation of roses and coffee, two of Guatemala's largest exports.  Most of the families in this area live in one or two room wooden or adobe houses with tin roofs.  Electricity is available to those who can afford it.  Running water is available - however, most homes do not have indoor plumbing. Public education is available for those who can afford it and consider education of value.  Life in Dueñas is quiet and sometimes difficult.

Hello! My name is Elida Priscila Lopez Perez. I was born on September 21, 2010 and I am 11 years old. By the grace of God, I am in good health. I walk about 10 minutes to get to Dueñas feeding program. I attend 4th grade, and I receive study guides and some assignments by WhatsApp. I like to play football and watch TV in my spare time. My favorite color is purple, and my favorite animal is the dog. I love to eat meat. I have one brother and three sisters. My father´s name is Mario Lopez Vasquez. He works as a farmer and is the one who supplies our family needs. My mother´s name is Maria Del Carmen Perez De Leon de Lopez. Most of the time, she works hard at home. We own the house in which we live. We have 2 rooms made of block with a tin sheet roof and cement floor. We have 4 beds. The kitchen is made of tin sheet; we cook with propane gas. The corridor has a dirt floor. We have running water and electricity. We attend God´s family Christian Church in Guatemala City. As a family, our greatest needs are food because my father´s wages are not very much, and sometimes, we do not have food at home. May God bless you!

Special regards,

Elida Priscila Lopez Perez

Translated by: Violeta Hernandez / A-A-C Secretary-Antigua