Serxhio Muco
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My name is Serxhio Muco. I'm a 14-year-old.

My birthday is
August 25, 2007.
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Upper Mokra

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My Story

Hello! My name is Serxhio Muco. I am a 13 year old boy and my birthday is on August 25th. I am doing well and enjoy good health. My family and I live in Trebinja. My favorite color is blue and my future dream is to be a nurse. I spend my free time playing football with my friends after school. After the game we also like to get together for short walks. I frequent the 8th grade at school and enjoy school and learning. My favorite subject at school is Math. We are off from school till January 11th. My family and I celebrated the New Year at home and had a happy time altogether. My mother cooked a special dinner for us and we enjoyed it while waiting the New Year arrival. I have received at Christmas a gift from Adopt a Child. It contained school supplies and I was happy to receive these very nice things. I enjoyed this gift very much. My father’s name is Ika and my mother’s name is Zhuljeta. I have two brothers. Joel, 5 years old and Dejvi two years old. Our home is located in Trebinja. Trebinja is a community centre for a several villages and it has a high school, a community building with a few offices, a clinic where a few nurses and doctors come to serve to the people as well as a few coffee bars and groceries shops. I am lucky compared to the other children in my village because both my parents have a job. My father works as a guard and he guards the school and the other objects that are under the rain of our community, My mother is working also in the post office here in the village and she delivers to the people the assistances and retiring pensions once a month and does other official jobs within the post office. Same as all the people who live in our community, my parents own land and plant in it crops, vegetables. My mother bakes the bread at home and this is why my parents plant wheat. My parents besides tomatoes, peppers plant also beans so that we can consume them especially during the winter. My mother has already preserved tomatoes and peppers for us to consume. My father and mother can’t  care for animals because they are working full time, so we don’t have animals. We use in our home a fire cooking stove so that we can stay warm in our living room. We only have the possibility to use wood for heating and my father has managed to buy the wood that we need to burn during all the winter. I am very happy that I am now registered in the sponsorship programme of Adopt a Child. I am benefiting once every month a package that contains groceries as flour, sugar, oil, sugar, rice, washing detergents, soaps, etc and we feel privileged to get such a great help as family. The team comes to Trebinja twice a week and they are doing Bible study meetings for the ladies and Bible classes for the teens above 13. I am happy that I can be part of the Bible classes and that we are allowed to gather and frequent in the meetings. Even that we live in a Muslim community many adults are frequenting the meetings and learning from the Bible. Thank you for your constant care to me. God bless you!

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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