Bjordi Leka
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My name is Bjordi Leka. I'm a 3-year-old.

My birthday is
May 14, 2018.
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Hello! My name is Bjordi Leka. I am a 3 year old boy and my birthday is on May 14th. I am doing well and enjoy good health. My favorite color is blue, like the color of the sky. I will attend the kindergarten next year in September. I spend my mornings staying inside my home and watching cartoons on the TV. I also like to draw and color and when my mother goes to do the shopping or to visit her friends, she always takes me with her. My older brother returns from school at midday and when he comes home, we play together. He takes me with him and while he plays with his friends I watch him. Usually we play close to our home so that our mother can keep an eye on us. I like to see my brother while he studies his school homework. When he studies, my mother helps him and she makes for me drawings that I color. My mother has gotten for me a few books with beautiful figures and she reads these books to me.  

My family and I live in Proptisht. My father’s name is Alket and my mother’s name is Lule. I have a 6 years old brother whose name is Mikael. He is attending the first grade at school and is also in the programme. We go there together and our mother comes along with us. My parents own land in the village and deal with raising animals. My father and my mother plant crops as well as corn, beans and vegetables. She has planted already the vegetable garden and during this season, she is way to busy working watering the vegetables.  Around our land and garden we have got a few fruits trees as whole nuts, plums, apples and pears. My father emigrates and works in Northern Macedonia or in Greece for a season in agriculture in order to provide more for us, but we are yet poor living in the village. When he is not emigrating he is working in the lands of the people of the village in order to provide more for us. What he gets working here is way too less but he tries to work as much as possible.

The Living Water Adopt a Child team is doing two meetings during the week in Proptisht. There we have rented a small bar that serves also as a groceries shop. Because of the pandemic distancing rules, the classes are done in groups of ten to fifteen persons so at times there are two or more classes being held in the same day. On Thursdays the children gather in Bible classes and when the Bible classes are completed, the team goes to visit homes and spread the good news whenever they are invited. The church service in Proptisht is every Monday. Every month the children who are in the program of Proptisht receive a food package containing ingredients that are cooked at home. The package contains food items as sugar, rice, oil, pasta, etc, items that can be cooked and can cover ten to twelve meals for the whole family. Thank you for helping the children and through them the whole community spiritually and physically.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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