Joshua Esau Dario Chacon Arocha

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My name is Joshua Esau Dario and I'm a 14-year-old boy.

My birthday is
September 5, 2004.
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Nueva Esperanza

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Zona 5, where your child lives, is located in a slum area of Guatemala City.  An extremely poor area, our program is squeezed in among the shanty dwellings built over an old city dump. Many houses in this area are without toilets or running water and are assembled with scrap wood, sheet metal, and cardboard.  Zone 5, is considered one of the most dangerous areas of Guatemala City. It is controlled by gangs and drug pushers.  Robberies and murders are common in this area.  Public education is available - however, many cannot afford it.  Life in Zone 5 is very difficult. This child lives on top of an old rubbish dump in Zone 5 of Guatemala City.

Hello! My name is Joshua Esau Dario Chacon Arocha. I attend the Zone Five feeding program. I was born on September 5th, 2004. I will be fourteen years old this year and I am in good health. I attend the seventh grade. In my free time, I like to play football, swim and practice taekwondo. My favorite color is blue and my favorite animal is lion. I love to eat pizza. I have one sister, her name is Joslin Emiliana and she is also registered in the feeding program. My family and I live in our own one room house. It is made of concrete block with a concrete roof, granite floor and running water. We do not have electricity because we did not have the money to pay the bill and they suspended us this service. We use candles to see at night. We cook with firewood because we do not have a stove. Several months ago, some thieves broke into our house and they stole everything. It has been hard for us to economically recover from it. My parents with much effort only have been able to buy a table, armchair and two beds. My father works by selling different kinds of candies. My mother works doing the cleaning in a gym facilities. I am so happy to attend the feeding program because there I can eat delicious and enough food. I has a scholarship to take taekwondo classes in the gym where my mother works. We attend a church called Life Fountain and I am in charge of the audio equipment there.

With much love and many blessings,

Joshua Esau Dario Chacon Arocha

Translated by: Lidia Vásquez /AAC Guatemala