Juan Carlos De La Cruz Perez
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My name is Juan Carlos De La Cruz Perez. I'm a 11-year-old.

My birthday is
July 10, 2011.
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My Story

I feel so happy to write you this letter about me and my family. My name is Juan Carlos de la Cruz Perez, Now, my studying is very different. I am in third grade. Most of the time I am study at home and I only attend school one day per week. I leave my homework for my teacher when I see her every eight days. This method has been difficult because I need the accompaniment of my teacher to resolve many doubts, and I sometimes forget to do my homework.

I want to tell you about my family; my father continues working as a farmer and he also works farming his own land. My mother stays at home taking care of us and she also raises domestic animals to earn a little money. God has been faithful to us because he always provided all the necessities. The current pandemic did not affect us because we had the support of my siblings who work in the United States, and my father kept his job. My family and I were able to see the mercy of God during this time because none of our family has been infected by the virus. We continue praying that God keep us free of the virus and heals everyone.  We attend a Prince of Peace church and our services are on Saturday and Sunday. My mother received a call from LWI Staff to obtain my information. Due to the pandemic, they cannot have contact with the families. May God bless Living Water because, in spite of this situation, you all continue working to help the families.

Lots of love,

Juan Carlos de la Cruz Perez

Translated by AAC Secretary/Lucia Gravez