Escarlet Alejandra Ramon Cuchujay
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About Me
My name is Escarlet Alejandra Ramon Cuchujay. I'm a 13-year-old.

My birthday is
October 31, 2010.
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Nueva Esperanza

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My Story

My name is Escarlet Alejandra, and it is a great blessing to tell you about my life through this letter. I hope this finds you doing well. My family and I do not attend church at the moment. However, my mother and I are grateful to the LW staff because they shared a bible message and prayed for us. We are thinking about following their advice to attend a church soon. They also collected this information for you. This project is a great blessing for us. We have always received their moral and spiritual support, besides their love of Jesus, our Lord. Sadly, my father, Mynor, abandoned us for another woman about one year ago. He continues working as a shoemaker and occasionally helps us with Q200=$25.62 dollars. My mother, Mayra, strives so much for our family by working in a stationary store and binding papers. Fortunately, my family is in good health condition. 

I am twelve years old and attend school as a sixth grader. I look forward to becoming a doctor when I am older. I like face-to-face classes because they are better for education; I enjoy spending time with my friends. Paying for my school expenses has been hard for my mother. Since my father left our home, she has been the only one who supports all the expenses, like rent. Our priorities are food supplies. Christmastime is my favorite because of the joyful environment. I love watching the Christmas lights. What I love drinking the most are fruit juices and Coca-Cola. If someday I might study a new language, I would like it to be English. My next birthday will be in October. This makes me feel so excited because I love visiting new and engaging places to celebrate. I like sports, but what I like the most is soccer. My health is good, although I suffer from myopia. My condition is advanced, but I am wearing glasses and have checkups. This is all for now, but if you want to hear something else about my life, feel free to ask me.

With many kisses and hugs,

Escarlet Alejandra Ramon Cuchujay

Translated by: Hillary Popol, AAC Secretary / Antigua Guatemala