Erlinda Muco
Ref# KA0764

About Me
My name is Erlinda Muco. I'm a 19-year-old girl.

My birthday is
February 19, 2000.
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My Story

Erlinda is in good health. She is attending the third grade at high school. She is doing well with the lessons and has received good evaluation marks in the subjects they take by the teachers there. At the end of this year, she will give a few very important exams and receive the graduation diploma of the high school, wining the right to attend the university. Every afternoon, she likes to meet with her close friends and chat with them for a while. Whenever she is freed from her school studying, she helps at home cooking for the family. Erlinda attends our feeding program in Katjel twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday. Same as all children who attend our program, she likes the hot combined meals which contain chicken, pasta, sausages and rice. After the meal, she attends the Bible classes and receives from the teachers of the feeding program the Bible lesson of the day. At the end of each class they have the possibility to play volleyball at our centre for a while under the care of our teachers. She loves to play volleyball. Erlinda has the possibility to get her teeth fixed for free once a year at our dental clinic. Erlinda's family of five persons lives in three rooms in a new home. Her brother Ergi is twelve years old and attending the sixth grade at school. Her other brother Enea is attending the preschool kindergarten and is six years old. They are both attending our program.  Same as all families in the village, they own some land in which this year they have planted wheat. They grind it to flour and make their own bread at home. They also have eighty goats. Shepherding and raising goats the father earns a bit from selling them and the milk which is collected. The stock food for the goats is provided through the lands as well as shepherding them in the nearest hills of the village. The father is the mayor of the village and is also receiving a small amount doing this job. He also has a small used car which he uses for his family’s needs to bring them to the nearest town. The mother does the housekeeping, and keeps things in order. The update team visited this family and was welcomed by the mother. She believes in the Lord and the team read to her a few Bible verses to encourage her. At departure, the team invited her to come to our church services.