Maria Maribel de la Cruz Cux
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My name is Maria Maribel de la Cruz Cux. I'm a 8-year-old.

My birthday is
June 24, 2015.
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My Story

I am Maria and I greet you hoping you find this letter engaging. At the moment, I do not attend any church, but I am grateful to LW because of the gospel they shared with my mother to encourage our family through her to gather a church soon. They also took advantage of that moment to collect this information for you. I want you to know that I am so glad to be part of the feeding program. My family and I have received much help from good-hearted people like you through the LW staff. My mother, Bernalia Cux, works in a tortilleria business in Joyabaj, Quiche. She is the only one who supports our necessities, so she also makes typical weavings to get extra income. Sadly, my father abandoned me many years ago. I know nothing about him. Our priority is food, especially corn. We have some hens and pigs at home to sell to cover other expenses.

Fortunately, my whole family and I are healthy. I am eight years old, and I attend school as a first grader again. The face-to-face classes are helpful because I understand my lessons better, and it is easier to do homework. I look forward to becoming a police officer when I am older. I would like to count on your prayers because it has been difficult for my mother to cover my school expenses. My favorite season is Christmas; I enjoy spending this time with my family. I like drinking orange juice, and my favorite sport is soccer. I hope to speak Spanish fluently someday since I already know a few words and expressions. My birthday was in June. What I would like to have the most is a delicious cake to celebrate with my siblings and mother. Thank you so much for reading my news! I hope to hear yours someday.

In the name of Jesus,

Maria Maribel de la Cruz Cux

Translated by: Hillary Popol / AAC Secretary / Antigua Guatemala