Maria Maribel de la Cruz Cux
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My name is Maria Maribel de la Cruz Cux. I'm a 9-year-old.

My birthday is
June 24, 2015.
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My Story

Hello! I greet you in the name of Jesus hoping you are well.  I want to tell you a little about my family and me through this letter. I am Maria Maribel De La Cruz Cux and I am 8 years old. I am a healthy girl. Fortunately, I am in 2nd grade at school this year. I go to study every morning. On weekends, I like to do my homework.  I want to tell you that I broke my left hand 2 months ago. Thankfully, I went to the Public Hospital, and I am under medical treatment and am feeling better.  LW has blessed my family and my life through the spiritual support, medical clinics and delicious meals for lunch such as the fried chicken that I love eating. I would like to be a volunteer and serve many children there. I have not accepted Jesus in my heart. I want to let you know that I enjoyed the special activities during the Christmas celebration at the Feeding Center in December. My family is grateful for every benefit that I have received from the Ministry.

My mother`s name is Bernalia Cux Chingo. She lives with us, and she raises hens to sell and get some income. Moreover, she works as a maid for others in order to provide for our financial needs. She is in good health. She has not accepted Jesus in her heart. My grandmother`s name is Tomasa Chingo. She lives with us. She is in good health. Currently, she weaves typical clothes and she contributes a little with home expenses. At the moment, we are not attending any church. The LW team shared the gospel with my mother and we are grateful for their encouraging words. Please pray for my family and my mother`s job. I hope you like to read my letter. May God reward you in every area of your life and take care of you! (My mother provided this information to the Evangelism teachers)

Strong hugs,

Maria Maribel De La Cruz Cux

Translated by:  Gladys Chavez/ A-A-C Secretary