Agisa Lika
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My name is Agisa Lika. I'm a 8-year-old.

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March 10, 2014.
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Hello! My name is Agisa Lika. I am 8 years old and my birthday is on March 10th. I am doing well and enjoy good health. I like to dress shirts and sport outfits in black color. I think I look nice wearing clothes in black. I have completed the second grade at school on July. I like to study and I also like to deal with sports so when we have our physical education hour, I always participate in sports as handball, running, volleyball and other games. I like to spend my free time playing with videogames. I also like to watch cartoons and paint. Usually I like to paint when I am inside the house and when I don’t have anything else to do. I like to help my mother when she does the cooking for us, but I also go along with her when she is doing the shopping. She and I carry the shopping bags together and I enjoy helping her and getting a special treat from her. She buys for me candies when I help her with shopping. Summers are very hot in the town that I live therefore, I get together to play with my friends early in the morning or late, during the evenings. We play very close in front of our flats, so that our parents can always see us and care for us.

My family and I live in Tirana. I belong to a big family of seven persons. We all live in the same house. My grandfather and grandmother live in our house and are part of our family. I have an aunt, who is the sister of my mother and she lives in our house too. She has children so several of my cousins are living with us too. My family is living in an apartment that we have rented and we live very tight. There is not enough space for us all, but we just got used to it. My father works as security. He guards building that the company has taken to secure and he is not paid very much. His work is with shifts and sometimes he needs to stay awake for the night to guard. My mother is also working as operator. She takes calls from people and is hired to do this job all day for the living. Such jobs are not paid much. My grandparents are also old and have retired. They are receiving small pensions, but they can’t support their living expenses and my parents are covering what they can’t. My mother, grandmother and aunt are dealing with the housekeeping, cleaning, washing, cooking and carrying for us, children, to bring us to schools, etc. We are financially challenged and are living with low income. I am thankful to the Church of God in Tirana and to the sponsorship programme of Adopt a Child for the benefits I gain, while frequenting the activities of the church together with my mother. God bless each one of you who care to supply our needs.

The Living Water Adopt a Child meets on Sundays for the service. During the days of the week there are Bible studies in small groups for ladies, teens and Bible classes dedicated to smaller children. The teens and children, after they study the Bible and pray altogether, spend time to play outside in the sport-field of the church centre. All the children who frequent the programme receive every six weeks a package of food. They come to take this package together with one of their parents. A free dental care is also offered to the sponsored children. Thank you for your care and support. God bless you richly as you are blessing each child spiritually and physically.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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