Arjol Kasa
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My name is Arjol Kasa. I'm a 15-year-old.

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August 2, 2008.
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Hello! My name is Arjol Kasa. I am 14 years old and my birthday is on August 2nd. I am doing well and enjoy good health. My favorite color is light green and my future dream is to become a police officer. My favorite game to play is football. I play football in the road that we have in front of my home in my free time and I also enjoy playing football with my friends during the physical hour that we take in our school. I attend the ninth grade at school and enjoy learning. My favorite subject at school is Albanian. When I return home from school, I spend time at home to help my mother with all that she ask me to do for her while she does the housekeeping, or when she needs something from the shop. In my free time, I get together with my friends during the afternoons so that I can spend time playing and fellowshipping. We have a nice park in our town and during the evenings, when the weather is nice, we like to have walks around for a while.

My family and I live in Elbasan. I have in my family my father, mother and two brothers. Both my brothers are younger. The one that is after me is 11 years old and he goes to the fifth grade at school. the second one who is the youngest in the family is 7 years old and goes to second class primary school. They are both registered in the sponsorship programme and we frequent the church services and the Bible classes regularly. My father and mother are both jobless. My father, in order to provide for us is working as hired in daily or weekly bases, but he can be left without a job for months and we face poverty. My mother is also not working. She is doing the housekeeping only. The government gives to my family a small amount considered as social assistant, but this amount is too small and it can only partly our bills for water and electricity. Same as the majority of the men in the town who are without a job, my father tries also to emigrate and work elsewhere, but he hasn’t had this opportunity recently. We live with low income and I am thankful to the sponsorship programme of Adopt a Child for the benefits I gain frequenting the church of Elbasan.

The Living Water Adopt a Child church in Elbasan meets for their weekly service on Sundays and they have Bible classes for children, teens, men and ladies during the other days of the week. The children after the Bible classes get together to spend a while playing in the centre that the church has rented, and at times, they play in the park of the town, which is very close to where the church is. The men and ladies join in small groups to study the Bible together, using provided materials to help them build their relationship with God, receiving Bible knowledge and praying for each other. Every six weeks, each child who frequents the programme received a package containing food and provided from Adopt a Child. The children come to the centre together with their parents to receive this package. Thank you for helping and supporting the children in Albania. God bless you richly for the spiritual and physical care that you are providing for them.

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