Nasibe Hoxha
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About Me
My name is Nasibe Hoxha. I'm a 17-year-old girl.

My birthday is
July 8, 2002.
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My Story

The team visited the family of Nasibe to receive the update information for her and present the gospel to the family. They were warmly welcomed at this home by the mother and grandmother. They believe in the Lord and attend our church services every Wednesday. The team shared several Bible scriptures to them as they spoke about God’s love. At the end, they prayed to the Lord for the grandmother who had problems with her blood pressure, trusting in God to hill her.  Nasibe has problems with her eyes. She wears glasses to help her, but she doesn’t get very often to be seen by the doctors and change the number she needs on them to improve her vision. Even being challenged, she attends school and has already completed the eighth grade.  Nasibe attends regularly twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday our feeding program in Kotodesh, enjoying the combined meals cooked and served to the participating children. Our menu is sausages, pasta, cooked rice and fried chickens or hamburger rolls filled with cheese, sausages and vegetables. After the meal, the children enjoy a fruit. She attends the discipleship classes for the children who are same age with her. At the end of the Bible lesson, she becomes part activities organized especially for the youth. Once a year she has the possibility to get her teeth cheeked and fixed from the dentist of our ministry at our dental clinic.  There are eight persons containing the family of Nasibe who live in three rooms in an old village home. Her grandmother lives in the same home and is under the care of this family. Nasibe has a sister and three brothers who are also in our program. Their names are Aida, Seit and Egzon and Ergi.  Nasibe’s father works in the chrome mine in the nearest village of Katjel. He collects chrome and sells it to the interested people. Such a job is illegal and very dangerous. He puts his life in risk daily, but this is the only way for him to provide a little income to his family. Nasibe’s grandmother receives a retiring pension which she uses to cover her own needs and what is left from it she contributes to this family who is carrying for her. The family doesn’t have the possibility to keep animals and are in luck of the products gained by them such as milk, cheese, etc. The family receives a small amount as assistance which is used only to cover the very immediate needs. In the small portion of land they own, during this year they have planted some corn which they might sell in the village to the people who have animals and gain a little profit. The wellbeing of this family is yet too poor. They are challenged financially and can’t fully provide their own food or clothes. Living in the village they face hardships of any kind.