Kevin Allko
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My name is Kevin Allko. I'm a 18-year-old boy.

My birthday is
August 4, 2001.
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My Story

Greetings!  My name is Kevin Allko. I am seventeen years old and am enjoying good health. I attend regularly, every Tuesday and Friday the feeding programme and the Bible classes at the feeding centre of Kotodesh. I enjoy the food and the Bible lessons that we receive afterwards. I also enjoy very much the time we spend playing football during the summer under the care of the teachers of the feeding programme.

I am attending the third grade at high school in my village, Kotodesh and enjoy studying. At the end of this school year, on June, I will receive the high school graduation diploma that gives me the right to attend the university. I will not apply to frequent it as my family can’t offer to bring me to study.

I usually spend my free time playing football with my friends or taking walks in the roads of my village. My friends and I like to chat and fellowship as we gather. This way we share all things between one another. I have a few good friends. We also like to gather to play football at the school field during the afternoons. After the time I spend with my friends, I also spend a few hours helping my family, I have a cow and I need to feed it for a while every day. We also work in the land as we are planting every year to provide food for ourselves and stock food for the cow.

There are six persons in my family. We have three rooms in our home I have my father, Nebi, mother, Drita, grandmother and two brothers. One of my brothers is a young man already and is working together with my father in emigration. My other brother, Ani is fifteen years old. He is attending the ninth grade at school and is also coming in the programme. During this year on September he will start the high school. My father, mother and grandmother are working in the lands and care for our cow. During last year they planted wheat. My mother and grandmother make bread and pies filled with vegetables at home therefore wheat is needed. The stock food is also provided by the land. My grandmother is receiving a retiring pension that is also a help financially to our whole family. My father is working for three months each year in Macedonia. He got hired in agriculture recently. Though he gets paid not much, he manages to provide for us all what is needed the most. My mother has already planted the vegetable garden and we will have fresh vegetables for consumption besides milk, yogurt and cheese that we have provided as keeping a cow. My brother and I attend the Bible classes and believe in the Lord Jesus.