Gentjana Alisufi
Ref# KA0920

About Me
My name is Gentjana Alisufi. I'm 17 years old.

My birthday is
March 26, 2002.
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My Story

Gentjana is doing well and in good health. She completed the ninth grade at school.  Gentjana enjoys learning well and has received good evaluation marks in the school subjects they take from the teachers there. When Gentjana finishes school for the day, she stays for a while chatting with her friends. When she is freed from her school duties for the day, she helps her family feeding their cow.. Gentjana attends twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday our feeding program in Katjel, enjoying the combined meals cooked and served to the participating children. Our menu is sausages, pasta, or hamburger rolls filled with cheese, sausages and vegetables. After the meal, the children enjoy a fruit. Gentjana attends the discipleship classes together with the other teenagers. These classes are organized after the meals by our teachers. Once a year Gentjana has the possibility to get a free check in our dental clinic and get her teeth fixed.  There are eight persons containing the family of Gentjana, living in three rooms in a new constructed village home.  Her grandmother and grandfather are part of this family and under their care. They both are retired and leave a part of their pension to support this family who cares for them. Gentjana has two sisters and a brother. Their names are Rexhina, Eleni and Erlind. All of them are attending school and the feeding programme. Rexhina’s father owns some land and works on it for a part of the year. This year they have planted alfalfa and corn. They use these as stock food for the cow. Raising a cow they at least provide their own milk and other products for self consumption. This family receives a social assistance which is as small as it can only cover the very immediate needs. Being in lack of finance, the father has emigrated to work in Greece for the people who have hired him there and collecting peaches. This income is the most secure source to have the family fully provided as far as in food and clothing. The mother is carrying for the grandparents and does the housekeeping or gardening. Living in the village, the family faces hardships of any kind. The team received this update while visiting Gentjana’s family. They found other visitors there and didn’t have any opportunity to share the gospel.