Ardit Leka
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My name is Ardit Leka. I'm a 19-year-old boy.

My birthday is
March 27, 2000.
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My Story

Ardit is in good health. At present he is eighteen years old, a mature young man. He completed the high school in Rodokal and got the graduation diploma. All the students of his class had a nice mature feast and he enjoyed this. This feast is organized in order for them to see each other before departure as finishing school they will not be able to see each other as usually. Ardit has spent the summer at home helping his mother and father while they work in the land. They had a field planted with wheat but during this year due to the bad weather, it didn’t’ produce much. Ardit attends our feeding programme at Katjel every Tuesday and Friday. The team serves twice a week cooked food to the children. On Tuesdays they cook pasta and sausages and on Fridays they prepare hamburger rolls filled with vegetables, cheese and sausages. They enjoy a fruit as they take the meal. Ardit enjoys these meals and afterwards attends the discipleship classes. The teachers lead the class to sing a few songs and use a Bible study book to teach to them the lesson for the day. At the end of the Bible classes Ardit and the other boys play football for a while at our centre under the care of our teachers. Once a year, Ardit has the possibility to be seen by our dentist and get his teeth fixed for free in our centre.

Ardit’s family of five persons lives in one room in a new home. The other rooms of his home are not available yet to be used. He has a sister and a brother. Manushaqe, his sister is studying at the university and lives in Elbasan where she takes her lessons. His brother Arjan is fourteen years old and is attending the ninth grade at school. Ardit’s father emigrated for four months this year in Macedonia and there he as usually was hired to do different jobs, What he earns is too less, but at least a secure income available to be used. Same as all families in the village, they own land. They planted corn during this year. They keep no animals but they sell corn to the people in the village who raise animals. Doing this they earn a bit more of income. The mother does the housekeeping and works in the vegetable garden. During this time she is also making jam and preserves vegetables which they consume during the winter. The update team visited the family and received this information. The parents have welcomed the team. The team shared to them a few Bible verses which speak about God’s love and grace. This family believes in the Lord and the team encouraged them to keep the faith.