Cesar Gregory Reiley Zuleta Medio
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My name is Cesar Gregory Reiley Zuleta Medio. I'm a 17-year-old.

My birthday is
February 4, 2006.
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My Story

This is Cesar Gregory Reiley Zuleta Medio, and it is a great pleasure for me to greet you through this. I am sending you a big hug. I want you to know I am now sixteen years old, and I dropped out from school this year. I hope to resume my studies, God willing. This year, I decided to help my father and family selling corn pops in the fairs which take place in Sacatepequez. Let me tell you that I did miss the time the feeding program was closed because of the pandemic situation. I especially missed the classes they taught there. Thanks to God, the program is open again! To get there, I must take an hour by a bus. In order to provide for expenses at home, my mother also helps my father selling pop corns in the streets. One day a week, we decide to take good advantage of the time, so we eat, talk and share altogether.

On Christmas, we spent time at home. We burned firecrackers and had tamales for food; and in this way, we had our celebration on such a special day! My family and I are Catholic; but we have not been attending the Mass yet. I hope God allows us to do it soon. I want to share with you that the house we live in is ours, and it is made of two rooms, and we also have a place to cook in one room. The rooms are made of cement block, and tin sheet roof, and concrete floor. The house is small, so we do not have enough space, and the tin sheets in the roof are not in good condition. We do have electricity and running water services. Now, I want to thank LW and you for having provided grocery bags for us during the pandemic. Let me tell you that sales went down; so therefore, the incomes also decreased. Thanks to the food supplies we received, we went through this difficult time. Our situation is now better, thanks to God. We are doing well for now, thanks to God. Finally, let me share with you that one member from LW called me up to provide updated information about me, so I gave it to him in person. Thank you very much for reading this! I pray God blesses you and your family greatly!

My best regards,

Cesar Gregory Reiley Zuleta Medio

Translated by: Febe Ruiz / A-A-C Secretary-Antigua