Ansi Pura
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My name is Ansi Pura. I'm 3 years old.

My birthday is
October 16, 2017.
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My Story

Hello! My name is Ansi Pura. I am a 2 years old boy and my birthday is on October 16th. I am in good health. I like to play with car toys, driving them around the room in our home. I like to have car toys in blue or red. I like to watch cartoons on TV for a short while during the mornings when I wake up. I stay close to my mother all day and when she goes to the shop, I also like to follow her and get a few candies. I will start to attend the kindergarten on September this year.

My Mother’s name is Suela and my father’s name is Kristo. I am the only child in our small family. Proptisht, the village we live in offers a beautiful view and is surrounded from many hills. A river is also running alongside our village. We as family make the living by working in the lands. My father hasn’t been able to emigrate as usually and he is at present jobless. Our land is in the hills and not as much productive. All the work on the land is done by hand because machineries can’t reach. Even though, a heavy tractor might reach in a few places. Usually, my father plants crops as wheat or corn. My mother prefers the bread at home therefore my father plants as much wheat as possible to make sure we have flour that will last for one year. The harvest time is on July when all the people in the village are busy collecting their wheat and grinding it to flour. Our family has a vegetable garden close to our home and plant tomatoes, peppers, beans, anions etc. We also have fruit trees as apples, plums and walnuts, surrounding our gardens or lands. My parents have a cow and by carrying for it we gain a few litters of milk to consume daily. My father sells the calf once a year to benefits a bit more of income that we use to buy food or clothes. Working in the lands or raising animals, my parents aren’t able to fully cover the expenses needed for the living. My mother started to attend the church services and the ladies meetings organized by Living Water Church in Proptisht. She believes in the Lord Jesus. She also takes me along with her. Once every month we both are blessed from our church with a food package and we as family are very thankful to Living Water Adopt a Child who provides food for us. God bless you!

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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