Elsona Bufi
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My name is Elsona Bufi. I'm 10 years old.

My birthday is
July 29, 2010.
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Hello! My name is Elsona Bufi. I am a 9 years old girl and my birthday is on July 29th. I am enjoying good health. My future dream is to study and become a nurse. My favorite game to play is a game we call the fire game. We throw the ball to our friend and if he/she can’t catch it, he/she goes in the middle and we can hit them with the ball till they catch it again and get out of the circle. The weather is warm recently and my friends and I love to stay longer to play in front of our homes. The color I prefer the most is orange. I completed the fourth grade at school. During the lockdown, our teachers gave to us the lessons online and we replied to them using the Mobile phone of our family. We had a class group where we communicated and sent our homework. My mother helped me to communicate with my teacher and she had helped me very much while I was doing my lessons. I am doing well with the lessons at school and enjoy learning. My favorite subject at school is Nature Knowledge. I like to help my mother when she cleans our home or washing the dishes. My father’s name is Valend and my mother’s name is Fatbardha. I have two sister whose names are Elisa 12 years old and Enera, 5 years old. Elisa completed the seventh grade at school. My family and I live in Proptisht. My village offers a beautiful view and is surrounded from many hills. A river is also running alongside our village. My family makes the living by working in the lands and raising animals. The lands are in the hills and not as much productive. All the working on the lands is done by hand because machineries can’t reach them. Even though, a heavy tractor might reach in a few places. Usually, my parents plant crops as wheat or corn. My mother prefers to bake the bread at home therefore my parents plant as much wheat as possible to make sure they have flour that will last for one year. The harvest time is on July when all the people in the village are busy collecting their wheat and grinding it to flour. We have a vegetable garden close to our home and plant tomatoes, peppers, beans, anions etc. We also have fruit trees as apples, plums, walnuts, cherries surrounding their gardens or lands and a few vines. Working in the lands or raising animals, my family is not able to fully cover the expenses needed for the living therefore my father is emigrating and working in Greece for three months within the year. He gets hired from the people in agriculture and profits a better income which means a lot for a family living in Albania. My family, same as all the others in Proptisht is yet not able to cover fully what is needed the most for their living and we are poor. I love the Lord Jesus and attend regularly the children’s services of the church in Proptshit. My sisters are also attending the children’s Bible classes of our church. Our grandmother takes us to church and cares for us while we are there. She attends the ladies meetings too. We go to church twice a week. Once every month we are blessed from our church with a food package and I am very thankful to Living Water Adopt a Child who provides food for me and my family.  

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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