Baleria Griselda de Jesus

Gender Female
Birth Date Dec 27, 2005
Age 13 years old
Attends Program
Program Country


Baleria Griselda Ca Cali is an adorable and healthy girl from our  Jocotenango feeding program. She is 11 years old and she is not attending school this year. One of the things that she likes to do in her free time is to watch TV. She loves blue color and her favorite animal is the dog. The fruit that she likes to eat the most is the apple. Baleria faithfully attends the feeding center twice a week; she enjoys it, especially when she has fried chicken for lunch because it is her favorite meal.  Baleria's father never legally recognized her and they do not know anything about him. Unfortunately, the mother is in prison because she was accused by mistake for the death of her son who was killed; the police could not find the murderer, so they took the mother to jail. Baleria lives and is under the care of her grandmother; she covers her needs by tending her small business where she sells new clothes; the girl helps her grandmother to tend it. The house where they live belongs to one of Baleria's uncles and they share the expense with him; the house is made of concrete blocks with a cement floor, tin sheet roof, running water, electricity and drainage; it has five rooms, a separated kitchen and a bathroom. The house is located about 10 minutes walk from the feeding program. They do not attend any church.

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