Glendy Noemi Barrera Morente
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My name is Glendy Noemi Barrera Morente. I'm a 14-year-old.

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January 5, 2009.
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It is a blessing for me to write this letter to share with you a little bit about my life. My name is Glendy Noemi Barrera Morente, and I am 13 years old. Nowadays, I am in third grade, and I receive live classes and deliver my homework three times per week. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has affected my school performance, and my family thinks that there has not been a great advance in my learning. However, I am doing my best to go ahead. In my free time, I do my assignments and help my family with the housework. As you know, my father abandoned my family and me many years ago. Fortunately, my mother and I survive with my siblings’ support since my mother lost her sight and suffers from diabetes, and because of those, she is not able to do the chores. She has not gone to the doctor or taken medicines because we do not have enough resources. My family and I live in our own house which is made of adobe, with a tile roof, and a concrete floor. Our home has one room, a separate kitchen, electricity, and running water.

Let me tell you that I love spending time with my family eating dinner near the bonfire and talking about many things. The moment that we enjoy the most is celebrating the New Year because we usually prepare “tamales” (this is a typical dish made of dough, tomato sauce, spices, and meat wrapped in large banana leaves), and fortunately, the current virus has not frustrated this celebration. My family and I do not attend a church, but I would like to do it someday. During this pandemic time, our economy has been affected because sometimes we have not been able to buy our basic food or clothes. Besides that, I could not attend the feeding program for a long time because it was closed to protect me from the disease. I missed going there, and my family used to feel joyful and blessed for being part of the program. Nevertheless, the Living Water staff did not stop working and provided us with food parcels which helped us a lot. We praise the Lord because my siblings and I have been healthy. Besides that, we are grateful to you for supporting us when we have needed it most. Thankfully, the feeding program is opening again; this is about a forty-minute walk. I leave you for now, but before saying goodbye, I want to tell you that my older sister gave this information to an evangelism team member to update you about my last news. May God pour out the richest blessings!

With much love,

Glendy Noemi Barrera Morente

Translated by: Hillary Popol, AAC Secretary/Antigua