Kledi Hoxha
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About Me
My name is Kledi Hoxha. I'm a 18-year-old boy.

My birthday is
October 4, 2000.
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My Story

Kledi is in good health. He is attending the third grade at high school and is doing well with the lessons, receiving mid average evaluation grades in the subjects they take by the teachers there. He needs to study harder to improve in some school subjects. At the end of this school year, he will go through a few exams and get graduated. After school he enjoys playing football or chatting with his friends or cousins who live close to his home. Every time he gets free from his school homework and studying, he is helping the family working in the vegetable garden. Kledi is attending the feeding program at Kotodesh twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday. After enjoying the nice warm meal which contains pasta and sausages or fried chicken and rice that are served in two combined meals Kledi attends the discipleship classes to receive by the teachers of the feeding program the Bible lesson of the day. After each class he and the other children play football for a while at the feeding program centre under the care of our teachers. Once a year, Kledi has the possibility to get his teeth fixed for free at our dental clinic. Kledi's family of six persons lives in three rooms in an old home. He has a ten years old brother whose name is Ergi. He is attending the fifth grade at school and is also in our program. Same as all families who live in the village, they own a portion of land. This year they have planted wheat which is grinded to flour and used to make their own bread at home. They also have a cow to at least provide some milk and other products as butter, cheese, etc for their own daily consumption. The stock food for the cow is provided through the lands. The father is jobless and working in the lands doesn’t bring him too much income to provide the needs of his family. The mother is a housekeeper. She is ill and diagnosed with thromboses. Even so, she hasn’t yet received an invalid pension as usual and the burden for her medical care goes to the family. They receive a social assistance by the government which is a very small amount used to cover the very immediate needs. The wellbeing of the family remains very poor. The team visited the family and received the update information for Kledi. They tried to preach to the mother the gospel of salvation through Jesus, but at this time she wasn’t open. She kept asking about material things and speaking about her hardships in life.