Robinsson Leonel Perez Ordonez
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My name is Robinsson Leonel Perez Ordonez. I'm a 11-year-old.

My birthday is
June 27, 2010.
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My Story

My name is Robinsson Leonel.  This year I turn 11 years old and I live along with my parents and a brother. I am attending 4th grade. I study from home with study guides that I have to pick up at my school. I deliver my homework to my school every week and at the same time I receive the new study guides.  It is difficult for my parents to support me at school because they do not have enough resources,  In spite of that, they strive every day to allow me to attend school. My mother does the chores at home. For now, my father is working as a truck helper and he strives every day to supply our family needs.

Let me share with you that the covid-19 affected us in many ways. For instance, it affected us mentally because we had to stay inside so it was a very difficult time for my family. Also, the pandemic affected my family´s economy since my father does not earn very much in his job. Nevertheless, my family and I could see God´s faithfulness since He has been watching over us and keeps us in good health. We are really grateful to Living Water /Adopt A Child because they were supporting us with grocery bags and it was savings for my parents. In addition to the food, we received encouraging words and we appreciate demonstration of love which has no price. So, my family and I want to give thanks for this special work that LW has been doing to bless children, and we pray to our Lord asking for rich blessings for you, and to everyone who contributes through the program. Fortunately, we are healthy and the covid-19 has not affected us so far. We use to attend Foursquare Church but for now, we just watch the services on Facebook. I want to let you know that an evangelism teacher of the LW called my father, Marvin Perez by phone to get this updated information since the feeding program is still closed due to the pandemic. I say goodbye to you for now. I send my love!

Blessings and hugs,

Robinsson Leonel Perez Ordonez

Translated by: Violeta Hernandez / A-A-C Secretary-Antigua