Blanca Perez
Ref# WDU0007 (Widow)

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My name is Blanca Perez and I'm a 45-year-old girl.

My birthday is
October 2, 1973.
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My Story

My name is Blanca Perez and I was born October 02, 1973.  I am a forty-five-year old single mother with three children still at home.  Sadly, I have been a widow since November 22, 2018.  My husband had a terrible accident while he was working trimming trees and later passed away.   Of course, his death has affected my children greatly.  Now, I am responsible for the support and care of three young children. My fifteen-year-old son, Kevin, was recently diagnosed with heart problems because he has not been able to recover from his father’s death. He says that he is not hungry and does not want to eat.  The only thing he will do is to drink water. He has had to start working because we no longer have my husband to cover the family expenses. Kevin gives me the money that he earns to cover our basic needs.  Kevin is also affected by the absence of his older brother. My older son was mugged in April of this year.  The thieves hit him with a bat, and they hurt his colon, intestines and liver. I took him to the public hospital, and the doctors operated on him. Sadly, he passed away during the operation.  We buried him on Resurrection Sunday. Kevin used to sleep together with his brother and now he is afraid of sleeping in that bed. For this reason, he is now sleeping with my daughters and me. Our house only has one room and a small corridor. My oldest son and Kevin had built their room with tin sheets in the corridor. I have my stove on a small table in the corridor. The house is very small and there is not enough space to build another room. We pay Q800.00 = $107 of rent every month.

My daughter Lisbet Lorena is fourteen years old and she no longer attends school because there is no one to pay for her school expenses. She is very sad because of all that we have lived through. She told me that she dreamed about her father and he told her that I will not be able to understand her, so it would be better if she left with him since there is plenty of space for her in heaven. The Evangelism team has encouraged her and has motived her to seek more of God. We attend the Catholic Church.

My little daughter, Rut, is six years old and she cannot overcome her father’s and brother’s death either. She started calling her older brother, who is now deceased, father after my husband passed away. For this reason, she is very sad and always asks me for both of them.  Rut does not want to attend school because she says that she sees her father in the school’s bathroom. She sees him without eyes and sees worms instead of eyes. It makes her feel so scared. The teachers also informed me that she falls asleep in classes. For this reason, I took her to the LW clinic and the doctor diagnosed her with anemia.  Now, she is under medical treatment, and thank God, she is getting better. Even though she is recovering physically, she is still emotionally affected by the loss of her father and brother and says that she also sees her father in our bathroom at home.  A Living Water team visited me at home, and they recommended for me to seek professional help and take my family to the psychologist of our town’s municipality in order to overcome this hard situation. They also encouraged me and prayed for me.

I actually gave birth to seven children. One son and two daughters are already married, and they only help me with some groceries when they can because they have to cover their own family expenses. It is more difficult for my daughters since they depend on their husbands. Personally, I am not in good health because I suffer from diabetes and sometimes from high blood pressure. I have not been taking my medicine because I do not have the money to buy it. I try to earn some money by ironing and washing clothes for other people, but it is not a stable job.  I use what little I make to pay our rent, so sometimes we do not have enough food at home. We are still paying the expenses of my husband’s and my son’s funeral home. I am very worried and sad for all the things that are happening in my home. The Evangelism team cheered me up and encouraged me to seek God and to seek professional help because my family needs so many things. They invited us to the devotional and the dinner that LW church has every month. They also prayed for me.  I ask you to also keep my family in your prayers. 

Many Blessings,

Blanca Perez

Translated by: Loyda de Osorio/AAC Secretary