Jhosua Aaron Alexandre Perez Aguilar
Ref# NE2399

About Me
My name is Jhosua Aaron Alexandre Perez Aguilar. I'm 13 years old.

My birthday is
June 22, 2006.
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Nueva Esperanza

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My Story

Hello dearest sponsor!  It is a joy to greet you hoping that God is pouring blessings over your life.  I want to tell you that I live with my mother.  She worries all the time about how to provide our necessities.  She works selling different types of products.  I am in good health, but sometimes, I have come to the clinic at the feeding program for treatment.  At home I help my mother with chores such as washing clothes, and later, I do my homework.  I am happy because the school year is about to end and we will have vacations.  I will have lots of time to play Free Fire.  Thanks to God and the efforts of my mother, she has taken me to “La Sexta” and to Irtra Petapa.  My goal is to continue studying and my dream is to be a firefighter someday.  I attend a catholic church with my mother, and I like the images of the saints and the decorations. Each time I come to the feeding program, they teach me about God, and we pray for the sick before we have our lunch.  The food that I like best is hilachas (traditional food). I ask for your prayers for my mother to always have work and good health so that she can give us our necessities.  May God reward you for all the help and support that you give me.  I send you a big hug.

Blessings and much love,

Jhosua Aaron Alexandre Perez Aguilar

Translated by: Edwina Lyons/AAC Missionary