Pranvera Hysa
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My name is Pranvera Hysa. I'm a 16-year-old girl.

My birthday is
March 14, 2003.
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My Story

Pranvera is in good health. She is attending the ninth grade at school and is doing well with the lessons, receiving good evaluation marks in the different subjects they take by the teachers there. At the end of this school year, she will complete a few exams and receive the premature diploma, giving to her the rigt to attend the high school for three more years. Every afternoon Pranvera likes to get together with her close friends or cousins and play volleyball for a while but not for too long during the winter as the weather gets too cold for them to stay outside. After she studies and does the school homework for the day, she helps her family cooking for them. Pranvera attends our feeding program in Kotodesh twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday. She needs to do quite a long distance walk to come. Same as all children who attend our program, she likes the hot combined meals which contain chicken, pasta, sausages and rice. After the meal, she attends the Bible classes and receives the Bible lesson of the day from the teachers. At the end of each class she has the possibility to play volleyball at our feeding centre for a while under the care of our teachers. Pranvera has the possibility to get her teeth fixed for free once a year at our dental clinic in Kotodesh. Pranvera's family of four persons lives in three rooms in a new home. Pranvera has a bother. His name is Mariglen. He is eleven years old and is attending the fifth grade at school. He is also frequenting our program. Same as all families who live in the village, they own a portion of land. They have planted wheat this year as they make their own bread at home. They used to have a cow but they decided to sell it this year. The father cant’ provide all the needs of the family working in the lands only. He is emigrating and working in Greece eight months each year for the people who have hired him there in construction. What he earns is a good and secure income to keep his family provided as far as in food and clothes. Due to emigration income the well being of the family is slowly increasing. The mother does the housekeeping and cares for the children especially during the time their father is working abroad. The team visited the family to present the gospel and receive this information. They were welcomed by both parents who heard the full presentation of the gospel and showed good interest. At the end, when the team asked them to do the prayer of salvation, they hesitated.