Edwin Alexander Barrientos Alquijay
Ref# JT2192

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My name is Edwin Alexander Barrientos Alquijay. I'm a 19-year-old.

My birthday is
March 31, 2003.
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My Story

I am Edwin Alexander Barrientos Alquijay and I will turn 18 years old in March. I did not continue with my studies because it is difficult for me to study online because I have to buy internet data. I would like to continue with studies on Sundays but I am not sure due to my work schedule. I am working collecting garbage in a truck here in Jocotenango. My stepfather is Esvin Aurelio Minas Escobar and he is working as a road construction helper. My mother is Violeta Yaneth Barrientos and she does the household chores. I do not know anything about my biological father. The current situation of the covid-19 has affected our economy. Thank God, we survive with God´s help and people with good hearts. We also received support from the feeding program.

We have seen God´s faithfulness because He is big and blessed us with groceries through Living Water. I also receive groceries from other people when I go out to work collecting garbage. It has been a great blessing for us to receive the grocery bag from Living Water because it arrived just in time because sometimes, we did not have food. When we received the groceries, we felt so happy because we did not have to buy food and we saw that God multiplies everything. We are so grateful to the feeding program and we pray to God to bless you and prosper you. We desire you to have good health and that all the sponsors will be protected by God. Unfortunately, my stepfather is in quarantine and is isolated from us. We are sad for him but thank God, he is stable and he does not feel very sick. Fortunately, the rest of family is in good health. We do not attend a church because we have not taken the decision to do so. At the moment, the churches are closed. I say goodbye to you for now with much love.

Many blessings,

Edwin Alexander Barrientos Alquijay

Translated by: Esther Hernández, AAC Secretary/Antigua