Ajsel Skenderi
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My name is Ajsel Skenderi. I'm a 6-year-old.

My birthday is
February 17, 2017.
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Hello! My name is Ajsel Skenderi. I am 5 years old and my birthday is on February 17th. I am doing well and enjoy good health. My favorite color is pink. I am a little child and I love to play with dolls. I comb their hair and dress them nice and clean. I go to kindergarten from morning till midday. The kindergarten teacher is teaching to us new things through the stories she is telling to us or through the books she reads. We spend time to draw and color and also to play with dolls and toys that the kindergarten has got for us to use. I have made many new friends at the kindergarten already and always like to share the toys and dolls with them. I return home at midday and right after I get my lunch that my mother has cooked for me, I get together to play with the friends that I have close to my house. I like to watch cartoons on the TV when I am inside my house or spend a while to draw and color, in the same time when my brother is studying his school books and does the school homework. He draws for me pictures to color.

My family and I live in Elbasan. I have in my family my father, mother and a brother. He is at present 12 years old and is frequenting the sixth grade at school. My father is jobless and he is trying his best to work as hired in various places. He is not working full time, but he works in weekly or daily bases to provide for us. My mother has a job as teacher. We are very happy that she has her job and that she is the main financial source in our family. With only one parent working, we are still facing financial hardships, same as the majority of the people who live in our town. I am thankful to the sponsorship program of Adopt a Child for the benefits I receive frequenting the church of Elbasan. I receive a food package every six weeks and I go to the church of Elbasan on Sunday and learn in the Bible classes about the Lord Jesus.

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