Arlind Durbaku
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My name is Arlind Durbaku. I'm a 16-year-old boy.

My birthday is
July 20, 2003.
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My Story

Arlind is doing well and in good health. He completed the ninth grade at school on July and after receiving the mature diploma he won the right to attend the high school for three more years. He will take the lessons at the school of the village, not too far from home. At present for a few more weeks he is enjoying his time playing with his friends. As they gather, they usually play football. Arlind is helping his father shepherding together with him the flock containing more than a hundred goats and sheep. At present Arlind’s mother is making the preparations needed for his schooling. During this month she needs to buy the school books, school supplies as well as a few uniforms needed for him and his older brother Mateo. They will both start school on September. Arlind attends our feeding program at Rodokal, every Monday and Thursday. He enjoys the meal cooked and served to the participating children. Our menu is sausages and pasta on Mondays and hamburger rolls filled with cheese, sausages and vegetables on Thursdays. During the meal he also enjoys a fruit. Arlind attends the Bible classes after he takes the meal. The teachers lead the class to sing a few songs and teach to them a lesson using a Bible story. After the lesson, all the boys of the class join to play football for a while under the care of our teachers. Once a year, Arlind has the possibility to fix his teeth for free by the dentist in our ministry.

There are six persons containing the family of Arlind who live in two rooms in a small house. In his family he has his grandmother, grandfather, mother, father as well as an older brother whose name is Mateo. He is seventeen years old and will start the last grade high school. Mateo is also attending our program. The father is raising more than a hundred goats and sheep. He is a shepherd and carrying for the goats he makes the living. The family owns also some land in which same as every year they plant wheat and alfalfa. They use wheat to make their bread at home and alfalfa as stock for the goats. During this year the wheat product was very less due to bad weather in the country, The harvest was on July. Arlind’s grandparents both receive a small retiring pension which they use to cover their own needs as well as to contribute a little to this family who cares for them. The father is able to provide well mainly what comes out his shepherding job therefore this family has somehow passed the borders of extreme poverty. The team visited the family to receive this information and shared the gospel to the mother. She showed no interest to hear about Christianity and doesn’t like to change her Muslim traditional belief,