Marvin Eliseo de la Cruz Ajqui
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My name is Marvin Eliseo de la Cruz Ajqui. I'm a 13-year-old.

My birthday is
November 3, 2008.
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My Story

Hello! My name is Marvin Eliseo. I am 12 years old and I live along with my parents and siblings. I attend 3rd grade and I go to my school one day per week to receive my assignments. I give my homework to my teacher every week when I go to school. I do not like this study method because only 2 hours of classes are not enough to understand the lessons, and therefore, it is very hard for me to do my homework. My mother keeps busy with the duties at home. My father strives to support our family; he works as a day laborer.

I want to let you know that an evangelism teacher of LW called my mother, Hilda ajqui by phone to get this updated information since the feeding program is still closed due to the pandemic. Let me tell you that the covid-19 pandemic came to affect our family due to lack of work. My father was looking for a job, and once in a while, found a day of work. We received support from my school, the government and also from the feeding program. We thank God for His faithfulness toward us because in spite of the lack of work, my father could find a little work with our neighbors, and we could move forward little by little. We are sure that our Lord has been watching over us and is giving us good health. We appreciate the grocery bags that we have been receiving from Living Water / Adopt A Child. My family and I got really happy to receive the help. The help arrived at the right moment because we did not have any food at home, and then we had food for some days. My family and I want to give thanks for all the help that we receive from you through the LW. We encourage you to continue supporting the feeding program because they are supporting many needy families like mine, especially during this pandemic time. We pray that our Lord blesses you for all your love toward me. Thank God, my family and I are healthy and nobody has been infected with covid-19 so far. I leave you for now. May God bless you always!

With much love,

Marvin Eliseo de la Cruz Ajqui

Translated by: Violeta Hernandez / A-A-C Secretary-Antigua