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Hello, my name is Maria Luisa Obedo Che and this is my son, Victor. 

We live in San Felipe Guatemala.  I was born in San Lucas, Guatemala. We attend a catholic church nearby.  My son was born in Antigua and he is 44 years old.  When I was a girl, I did not have the opportunity to attend school.  My son only completed first grade.  I have four children in total.  My son, Victor and four daughters. My son is a diabetic and needs medicine to control his diabetes.  I suffer from terrible pain and stiffness in my right arm. I am barely able to move it.  To earn money for our expenses, I sell candies in the park in Antigua. I earn about Q10 to Q15 per day (approximately $1.5-$2).  My son works for the city as a trash collector.  He earns Q500 (approximately $67) per month.  Sometimes to earn extra money, he will paint houses for other people.  Sometimes, he earns a few quetzales for keeping an eye on cars for people who park them on the streets.  Sadly, we do not have a home.  Right now, a woman here in our town is allowing us sleep in her home and is not charging us rent.  The house where we are sleeping is made of block with a tin roof and a cement floor.  It has electricity and running water, and the owner of the house is paying for that.  We sleep in one room, but we do not have a kitchen.  We cook outside with wood or sometimes with cardboard.  We have access to a bathroom, but it is does not function.  My son and I do not have any blankets to keep us warm.  Right now, my prayer is that God will provide two for us soon.  One for me and one for my son.

Love and blessings,

Maria Luisa Obedo Che

Translated by: Edwina Lyons/AAC Missionary

NOTE: Age and birth date of Maria is unknown pending further information.

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