Lilia Maricela de la Cruz Ajanel
Ref# PA1885

About Me
My name is Lilia Maricela de la Cruz Ajanel. I'm 11 years old.

My birthday is
March 6, 2008.
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My Story

Hello! How are you? I hope you are in good health. I send you a cordial greeting. I am glad to share with you a little about my life through this letter. I live with my parents and my siblings. My mother´s name is Sebastiana and she does the household chores at home. She takes care of us and she grows radishes, cauliflower, cabbage and onions to sell in the local plaza and for our food. She also raises sheep and pigs for selling when necessary. My father´s name is Pedro and he is a farmer. He grows corn and black beans. If our neighbors offer a job to my father, he goes to work for them.  He also goes to cut sugar cane at the coast from October to May and he sends money for the home expenses.

I have four brothers and two sisters. My brothers Edgar and Tomas work and they contribute with the expenses. Jose, Elsa and I attend School. Ana and Mynor are younger and they stay at home. Thank God, we all are in good health. I am in the 3rd grade at school. I have to walk about an hour to attend school. I really like to study. I like to attend Church because I like to praise God. My desire is to continue with my studies, and then find a job and help my family economically. I like to play soccer with my friends. I also like to play tag, stuffed toys and hide and seek. My family and I attend Church and we help in different activities at the church.  I like to sing praises. Take care of yourself. I thank you for supporting me through the feeding program. May God bless you!

Hugs and Kisses,

Lilia Maricela de la Cruz Ajanel

Translated by: Esther Hernandez/AAC Secretary/Antigua